Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Build Time

Today starts a 12-week build cycle. It's more like three 4-week cycles. Each cycle adds a little step up of power. Then duration gets progressively added at the stepped up level over the 4-week period. The next cycle adds a little more power, then develops the duration.

Tonight was the first night at the new power target. Selecting the target was a bit arbitrary. It's about right, though. Tonight's 10-minute intervals were just a hair under maximal. I probably could push them a touch harder. But in a few weeks when these intervals are 20+minutes long... I need to be able to complete them. If it's still easy... I'll take a bigger bite in the next 4-week cycle.

It's baby steps. But that's how FTP gets built. I'm pleased with this year's progress. My training plan has shown great results, and not left me overly fatigued. The progression model I've used has worked great.

I'm looking forward to some increased intensity. Base training gets boring and eventually you simply can't do 3+hour rides *all* of the time!