Friday, June 27, 2008

A Strange Soreness

Sometimes the best training comes unexpected. I've struggled all week with leg soreness. This despite a training regemine that included only endurance and tempo riding. This type of riding should NOT leave me sore.

It's been a strange soreness. Not the usual achy soreness one gets when overreaching in the gym or on on the bike. It ONLY occurred during riding, starting out very intense and slowly lessening as the ride went on. Ten minutes after riding all the pain was gone.

This was the ultimate in frustration. The pain made me want to tank my rides. How could I meow out of tempo ride? That's just weak. When doing heavy training you expect - and are prepared - to put aside that "quit" emotion. I was not prepared for that this week.

Quitting wasn't going to happen. I showed no symptoms of overtaining or muscle damage, so I trained right through it. Even though it hurt. It worked out OK.

Today, it came together. The legs were snappy and sore-free. Better. I felt stronger today than I have in a long time, too. Haven't done any thing to mitigate the soreness, but it's gone. And I'm happy about that!

Tomorrow it's a road trip up north to the hill country for some hill repeat intervals. Now that, I expect, will leave me with some pain!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad Scene

Rolled up to this scene this afternoon... Yale @ 14th. Ouch.

Ambulance, Fire, Police and wreckers showed up instantly and I cruised... Ride like you're invisible my friends, because you are!

Monday, June 16, 2008

doG Darn It Was Hot!

This is me... panting like a dog...

On the menu today 8x4:00 R4 anaerobic intervals. The legs didn't feel very good leading out from the house. They didn't get any better. I meowed after 2 intervals. Just. Could. Not. Doit. Not worth doing low-quality training...

Sometimes it's just not your day. Today's training started with a dead GPS. I really like my Garmin Edge. But, today it would not turn on. Completely dead. An omen perhaps? I have a Forerunner 301, too, but the HR montior has always been skiddish. I hurriedly rigged up a mount on the bike so I could have some hope of montioring the HR. I love zip ties! The HR montior worked today, luckily.

After my "ride" I got online in the hope of a solution. Google is your friend. HERE IS A USEFUL LINK. Pressing and holding the Mode+Lap button reset it. I've turned it on and off about 10 times and so-far-so-good.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Most Ingredients Aren't Planned

Since I was listening to Vida Blue while prepping dinner... I thought I'd borrow the title. I had a recipe for a basil, tomato, pesto, chicken. I had some fresh basil - the only thing that's made from my spring planting. My basil variety smells like weed. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it clashed with pesto after I mixed it up. Something just didn't smell/taste right. So much for plans. I dropped that idea and went with another. My chicken breasts were butterflied and pounded already...

I found a lonely can of Rotel tomatoes. I had some feta cheese too. They got mixed together. Just enough to break up the bigger tomato chunks.

Then spread this on the chicken breasts, rolled them up, and grated some fresh Parmesan on top...

Baked them. Then ate one. Made some spinach w/garlic, and peas so the chicken wouldn't get lonely in my belly. This turned out OK. I like this. A little Parmesan adds a lot flavor.

While rolling up the chickens, I thought about using pasta sauce instead of Rotel tomatoes for an Italian flavor influence? Darn, some pasta sauce with the fresh basil leaves would have been fantastic! Next time...

Monday, June 9, 2008

I Fear No Orange Peel

Three pieces were left to colorsand and compound. First was the rear wing. It was difficult! That thing is loaded with compound curves and sharp edges. Each waiting to be a burn through.

With lots of patience and a very low speed on the buffer pad, I prevailed!

Then onto the engine cover. I sprayed this thing really, really dry.

Here's a close up of the orange peel. Yikes!

Surprisngly, it mowed down and polished up fine... Then on to the front bumper, which wasn't as bad. Still, the plastic bumper is not easy to compound. I did as little cutting as possible. It's tough to get a good attack with the pad.

Then a final wash so any spots that I need to polish up will be easily visible... I'll get that knocked out tomorrow and it's final assembly!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Punchin' Holes In The Wind

Took off northbound with the wind at my back today. Oh what fun! The speed rawked! I tried to pace myself. I knew the upwind ride would be tough. I couldn't do it. The speed was too addicting!

I hauled the mail up north, then turned around. With gusts over 31-mph the southbound run was as tough as I thought. I pushed through at a good climbing pace. It was difficult! The extra workload felt good for the legs.

On the way home, the wind was at a perfect angle for drafting a Metro bus down Heights...a nice respite from the wind, but the fumes weren't so good!

Oh, and Cornershop's When I was Born the Seventh Time is another great album to ride to. Thanks for the suggestion Liz!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Picture Of Nectar

Phish's A Picture of Nectar is a great album for riding. Just sayin'.