Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early Morning Flop

I'm not a morning person. Never have been. But... riding in the morning would mesh into my schedule this week. Why not give it a shot.

I awake feeling okay. Early bed made this part easy. I gobble some homemade oatmeal bars for a quick nutrition boost. Dear doG it's an early start...

Onto the bike and into the warmup. The legs feel like bricks. Dead. Flaccid. This should abate once I start my intervals. It doesn't. It gets worse. I have no kick. Worse yet... I'm just not into this mentally. My brain is still foggy, and any ability to push myself has yet to awaken. An all-out struggle over the body is no way to start the day!

My struggle this morning... more mental than physical. Honestly, my attitude isn't very good this time of morning. Especially without coffee! I'm simply checked out and unprepared to push myself. Do I really want to push to my limits - then - start a busy and stressful work day? No. Much easier to push through a difficult ride knowing when it's over... I'm done for the day. Just how I roll.

I abandon this one early. Just isn't working. Not a total loss. The homemade oatmeal bars are awesome! Great recipe I'll use again.