Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not All Training Mistakes Are On The Bike

Paying the price for a couple of training errors. Error #1... inadequate sleep. In total I've gotten enough, but it's been broken into shorter sessions rather than a solid night-long slumber. Error #2... not enough water. I was thirsty all weekend. Travels, dry weather, and lots of time outdoors. Not a lot of water, though. Error #3... not enough food.

The result... tuesday's ride showed an elevated heart rate (dehydration) and today's ride started out with sore legs, and nearly ended in a bonk. Thank goodness for jelly beans. No way I should have been sore tonight. The ride was surprisingly hard. With some determination I made it through. Finished off tonight with an ice bath and about two gallons of water. Gulp, gulp, gulp.

Biofreeze, leg wedge, and bed. It's all aboot recovery...