Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tickets to the Road-ee-o

As one could possibly tell from yesterday's rant... there's a supply issue with the new mountain bike. Not going to get it in time for the spring season. Considered a few options. Riding the old bike, that I'm frustrated to tears with. I could tootle through at a leisurely pace for spring races on it. If I'm not going to put in my best effort... why race?

Spent an entire day being lost. Without a spring season... the next logical goal would be the fall season? Too far away. Too big of a gap. It was a trusted friend that came up with the best solution. Road race. Roadies race through the summer. I can do some spring racing. And it can fit into my schedule pretty good. Never intended to be a roadie. But I also have no intention of being a couch rider either.

Training wise... time to step back and assess. I've been building to mountain bike fitness. Most closely resembles crit racing demands. Short but intense efforts with relative easy parts between. But I'm also considering more challenging goals. Ft.Davis stage race maybe? Don't know if I can get climbing legs by then? A lot to consider. Must keep an open mind...