Thursday, January 27, 2011


I added a flywheel to my rollers. I bought this with my rollers a few months ago. But never mounted it.

The wheel is small, but heavy. Doesn't look like it would do much. It does.

The flywheel comes with a large warning placard, warning not to use the brakes, or the bike to be pushed over the back. Naturally... the warning just made me try it! It's true... if you hit the brake it will indeed toss you off the back! HAHAAHA! Kinda fun as long as you're ready for it...

Takes a little more power to spin. The loading almost exactly matches the speed/power relationship I see on the road. Great feel.

Without the flywheel, I can't miss more than a couple of pedal strokes. The wheels slow down and off I go. The flywheel adds inertia. It takes a few seconds to spin up, and there's a significant coast. That coast that lasts long enough to grab a drink!

Grabbing a drink is nice for longer intervals. Like tonight's 24'min efforts.

Still seeing a lot of cardiac drift. HR never leveled off over the entire interval. Constantly climbing. These weren't easy, but I felt OK.