Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ailing Motor

Tonight I set out for four 10'min intervals, 90-110%FTP. This should be an easy plan. It's just to check the motor under some nice controlled conditions... on rollers.

The first interval goes well. HR looks normal for the effort. Nice and smooth. Legs feel good. For the recovery interval... I tended to my potato soup. Maybe that was a mistake?

As I returned for my second interval... my HR shot up. On an interval like this I'd expect the HR to 'top out' and remain steady. But that doesn't happen. My HR keeps climbing. And my respiration was pretty ragged. I dialed back the power... but the HR never returned to what I'd consider 'normal'.

The purpose of this workout is to get right on the edge of being aerobic. Clearly... I was going over it. So... I stuck with the power that matched my respiration, my heart rate, etc. By the last interval... I got the effort right, and ended up with a more consistant effort. Finally.

Experienced some coughing after the workout too. Hmmm. Despite my cardio-pulminary difficulties... the legs felt great. My heart and lungs just can't keep up at the moment. I'm going to give it some more time before panicking.

Oh... the soup? Simple potato, sour cream, butter, milk, chives, and some bacon bits. It was good. A little thick. Loaded with carbs! Great training faire.