Monday, January 31, 2011

Skills with an S

Unplanned day. Today's weather is beautiful, 70°F. Gentle breeze. The weather forecast freightens. Daily hard freezes through the weekend. It won't be out of the 40°s until Sunday. Though my plan called for a rest day... I chose to do a skills session. Last chance to enjoy the outdoors for a while. I can do just about any workout on rollers. I cannot, however, practice manuals, braking skills, or tight turns on them.
These sessions are important. They lack structure. It's simply go out and practice riding elements. That makes them fun. Just as when I was a kid... I prowl the neighborhood looking for anything I can drop, hop, or launch from. I use the trees in the park to slolm around. Days like this keep the fun in the sport. Plus they really help my riding.
Now... to prep for the cold. My aloe plant needs moved inside!