Friday, December 17, 2010

Shorts Sleeves

Past few days have been awesome. Shorts, and short sleeves have been all that's needed on the bike. Wednesday's threshold work went very, very well. Thursday's skill drills resulted in a fall or two. But it was a lot of fun, that amounted to playing around trying hop, over everything I could find around the neighborhood.

Skipped my core stregthening sessions on Wed and Thurs. My elbow was too sore from Tuesday's bar-yanking manual practice. Nothing serious. Feels like an over-use, rather than any damage. Feels almost exactly like the time I helped frame a garage for a family-member and ended up with a sore elbow from all the hammering. I think my hammering days are over, but my bike riding should be fine.

So far, I'm coping with the winter training pretty well. The worst part is riding in the dark. I haven't ridden in the daylight in almost two weeks. Need better lights, too. Otherwise... I'm sticking with this better than I feared.

The cold is back today. Tomorrow's endurance ride won't be pretty. But I'll be glad to finally be riding in the daylight.