Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manual Labor

Warmer temps today. The weather was actually nice, but I didn't get into the saddle until after dark. Skill practice tonight. I worked on making better manuals. Pretty basic skill, but my abilities have seriously degraded since breaking the elbow. I brushed up on the technique and off I go.

Like bunny hops... manuals are all about dynamically shifting body mass. There shouldn't be much pulling on the bars when done right. I pulled on the bars a bunch tonight. Enough to make the elbow achy. But it made it easy to tell when I did it right and when I didn't. My loft is good. My hold isn't.

This was a good complement (and contrast) to yesterday's threhsold work. It's a light easy ride, yet a lot more productive than say... a recovery ride. More fitness build work tomorrow.