Monday, December 20, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

Where did all that daylight we supposedly save go? I'd like it back now, please.

Yet another ride in the dark on Friday. A strong set of long threshold intervals was the plan. The ride went well. The legs felt pretty good. I got off-plan this week. As a result I ended up with an extra threshold workout. And Friday's threshold session - that would normally be followed up with an easier day - will be followed up with a long endurance ride. After my ride, my legs felt quite fresh. This lead me to thinking... maybe I'm not doing enough. I shouldn't be this peppy.

Saturday. Daylight!! First daylight ride in a while. How is this for clear skies?

Although it's a bit cold the sunshine helps the attitude tremendously. I depart on my ride down Parmer Road in N.Austin. At the first little rise I located the fatigue I was missing last night. Ouch. Hoping this is just cold legs, hoping it will go away after I warm up a bit. My plan today is ride the flats and downhills at endurance pace, ride the hills just above threshold. I keep to this plan outbound. But as I turn... I realize my legs are absolutely cooked. Hmm... maybe I have done enough for the week!

Glad to make this one back. My legs are fatigued, and I feel slow. But this is how I'm supposed to feel. I'm absolutely baked, but not in a bonky way. Legs have just accumulated a weeks worth of fatigue. It's time for a rest. Sunday and Monday are off the bike. Tuesday it's back to the dark and repeat again...