Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Hot Lunch

The heat index is a mere 96°F. Overcast skies, and some ominous clouds to the southwest. Today I'm out to shell the legs with a short intense ride. The plan is two sets of ten (10x) intervals that are a mere 10seconds long. On the recovery side, it's 50seconds. The effort level is as hard as possible without leaving the saddle, or losing form. Lots of huff and puff by the end of the 10min set.

Church's Chicken, oh how I loathe thee...

Each time I pass they are frying thier delectably odorifous treats. Tempting, but I resist.

Timing is perfect today. As is the effort. I just barely muster up the last effort interval. I don't think I can do another. I return home just on the ragged edge of bonking. Food comes just in time. And just as I walk in the door the skies let loose with a barrage of rain.

A quick sandwich, cool refreshing watermelon, quick shower, and back to work!