Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Struggling Through That Time Of Year

I thought it was just me. But talking several folks, it seems others are struggling with their training as well. There's something about August.

Maybe it is the heat? It is indeed hot. Daily the heat index has been over 100° F. Rather dismotivating. After a week or two, draining. Even with shortened workout duration, the heat just takes the fight outta ya. Who wants to train in this?

Maybe it's the change of the seasons? Like a guest that has overstayed it's welcome... it's time to kick summer out for hanging around. Combined with anticipation of more comfortable training weather ahead, the days seem to drag on endlessly this time of year. It breeds a theme of -- it's time to move on!

Is there hope? Of course. In about three weeks solid signs of fall will be upon us. When I was last at Double Lake, I noticed the first tinges of fall scent in the forest. The forest smells different in the fall, and it's starting to waft out. The days are getting shorter. I'm just starting to notice that I'm needing lights on the end of my evening training.

I'm taking the approach I had post-surgery. When the instructions said "don't make any big decisions today" as a warning for the anesthetic. August is one of those time when not making any big decisions is probably a good idea. It feels like a good time to give up. To succumb to the heat, the fatigue, the dying season. Give it a month. The world be much fresher. Trodding through what's left of the summer will make the fall that much sweeter!