Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pile Ons

Tonight's workout plan. 5min max. 1 min recovery … 5min max. 2min recovery … 5min max, 3min recovery … 5min max, 4min recovery … 5min max, 5min recovery. The 5min max work intervals are tough to pace. Just the right length to toy with the mind. I spend the first 3minutes thinking it's too easy. And the last 2min thinking "what have I done?" That's about the right pace for the intervals!

The heart rates overlay. Shows the first lap lower, but pretty consistant for the remaining laps. Interesting. There doesn't seem to be much change in *heart rate* for the varying length of rest. Big difference in my respiration rate, though. Sometimes I wish I had a trace of respiration rate as well.

Tomorrow is a skills day... but haven't picked what I will master... hmm...