Thursday, May 13, 2010

Embracing the Chaos

I am displaced. My house is being gassed for termites. This has me in a hotel Tuesday through Thursday nights. This brings about a set of chaos. Packing. Being in an unfamiliar envionment. No cooking facilities. As I gathered all of the numerous items required for training I realized... the life of a cyclist is not easy. But it is worthy. As long as training is worthy, I'll take the added efforts and chaos it brings to my life. Happily.

Riding from my new temporary residence is not easy. It's in the Galleria area. That means one thing -- TRAFFIC. I manage to find a route to River Oaks with minimal time spent on trafficy streets. Still... there is a gauntlet that must be navigated. But I do it anyway. Last night's ride is a good one, Tempo Crossovers. Simply ride for 90min alternating between tempo (75%FTP) and threshold (100%FTP) every three minutes. It's a great workout that targets and teaches good pacing.

Long ride on tap for tonight...