Saturday, May 8, 2010

Befelled by Another Flat

... this time it's me! Today's effort was supposed to be another set of threshold intervals. This time 20min long at 90%FTP. After the last two days of threshold work the legs just laughed at me. I barely made 10min into the first intervals before the legs just shut down.

Today was to be the third consecutive day of threshold work. This was a training mistake. I'm pretty well versed in planning my weekly training load. But... I'm not so good distributing my load within the week. My training load over the week was well within reach. However, I targeted too much load back-to-back. Now I'm forced to rest during my prime weekend training time. Expensive goof.

I need to be more careful in my day-to-day planning. I don't know enough about planning rest on subsequent days following heavy efforts. Is there a 'rule of thumb' for recovery following a known Tss? A research topic for the weekend...