Friday, May 14, 2010


Long ride plan tonight. I roll out and head for my proving grounds. A small detour by my house, which is under a gigantic tent. Interesting site. Looks like a circus has taken over. HA! Tonight's first hour is high tempo ride with a 10sec sprint every third minute. This goes really well. My sprints feel strong. My heart rate's where it should be. All is well.

The next 90min are spent at mid tempo power. Steady state this time. It'll be almost 10pm before this night is done. It all goes well... but my butt begins to hurt near the end. A pretty minor complaint. My elbow and back are a bit sore, too. I have a solution on the way for those issues... Tomorrow's an easy day. Active recovery ride, and some rejuvination stretching. Turning into a good training week.