Friday, May 7, 2010

Flats Solved

I'm nervous leaving the house today. After three flats on the previous ride... I spent some time finding the cause. My suspect: bad rim tape. My solution: new Velox rim tape!

Nerves (and spare tubes) are on hand for roll out. Short warm up then a nice workout. Set up at 80% FTP with a 20sec 200%FTP sprint interval every third minute. A fun program. On finishing that effort I rack onto the trainer to do a set of pyramid intervals. I do five sets (5x) of three reps. For the first set, reps are each 3min long @ 110%FTP. For the second set repsare 2min long @125%FTP. For the third set... reps are 1min long at 180%FTP. The fourth set is a a repeat of the second. And the last set is a repeat of the first. One minute recover between reps and three minutes between sets.

A challenging workout. Flat free!