Sunday, March 14, 2010

Training Capsule

Base training isn't exactly exciting. It's boring. Reading about it is moreso! All that's going on right now... trying to put some miles back into the legs. I throw in some sprints here-and-there but none of them are planned. Just to keep the boredom away. *yawn* See told ya it's boring!

The elbow survived the week well! I think riding has helped. No soreness like last week. My ROM has improved more this week. Maybe it the constant vibration? I donno. One of my splints is a spring loaded affair that straightens out my arm. This week, several times I took it off, and compared to my left arm, matched the extension exactly! After an hour or so it's not as good. But with more use, and time with the splint it should get there. Looks like I'm going to get 100% of my original motion range back. Which is NOT common for this fracture.

Still have a way to go on strengthening. That's the limiter right now keeping me off the dirt. Not far away.

I have a bad habit of locking my elbows when I ride. Errr. had. One of the benefits I noticed this week... I can't lock out my right elbow! Atleast... not yet. HA!