Monday, March 22, 2010

Is March Too Late For... year resolutions? Yeah it's March. But my training year is just beginning. Spent some time thinking of two things on a long drive. The second being... 2010 has the potential to be a transformational year.

What will it take to make a special year? What exactly and specifically should my goals be? What is attainable? These were questions that meandered through my mind as the Texas countryside flew by. The answers fell into place. Not in ephionic moments. Peice-by-peice, softly, gently a few ideas fell into place.

I thought about interim goals. Some of my goals are lofty. Having good short-term goals help. As the "big" goal will be reached by doing the "small" goals along the way. I've never broken down my goals before. I've been scared of having lofty goals. Because, big goals always seemed so far away or too unattainable. Broken into small peices it all seems much more... possible. Milestones help.

Open questions remain. Obviously... can I do it? Will I do it? Will I stay healthy? Will I get injured? Will I have the support of friends, fools and family?

What exactly are my goals? You'll have to ask me in person. I'll tell you if I like you. ;-) I'm not adding to the staring line smack talk and pack chatter for my races ;-). But as the season progresses... stand or fall... I'll chronical it all here.