Sunday, March 14, 2010

MR2 Radio Deck and Speakers

The MR2 was built in 1986. Still has it's "vintage" radio.

Yes, that's a cassette. The last peice of equipment that I own that can play them. As you can see the display is weeping. The lights don't work. And no iPod interface. Time to replace it.

Luckily wiring isn't as difficult as it used to be. Now you get harnesses with plugs, as opposed to having to strip into the existing wiring loom like the "good ol'days".

Speakers aren't sounding too good these days either. Here's what comes out.

Twenty four year old paper, dual-cone speakers. Use your imagination. The replacement...

Cheep 4" two-ways. These aren't very good speakers. But it really doesn't matter. They are 4" speakers! They'll never sound very good without a sub. And there's no room for that in the tight cabin. These speakers fit. Barely, I mean JUST barely.

The replacement head unit...

The green matches the stock illumination perfectly. It's serviceable. An improvement for sure. With only 4" mains and the tweeters firing directly at the huge flat windshield.... the sound is quite tinny. Meh. It'll do.