Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming Back to Life

Legs feel remarkably good right now. The nice thing about coming back after a long layofff; progress happens fast! Every day the legs feel a little stronger. Almost bombproof. Tonights' ride challanges me. Two 20min threshold intervals, 30min at endurance pace with 10sec acceleration spinup at top of each minute, and for good measure three 5min max effort intervals. Topping it off, doing it in the rain.

Rain rides are always just a bit more satisfying. Perhaps because you start out with a valid excuse for not doing them, but do them anyway. Or maybe because you don't see anyone else out riding except for the occasional other crazy person.

Tonight's meal didn't go as planned. My plan was to grill some fish and shrimp. Shoulda checked the forecast, because it was raining. So, pan grilling the salmon and boiling the shrimp was plan B.

A tasty meal, served with sourdough bread and spinach. It was a bit intricate for this night. Prep too a long time and leaves me feeling a bit time crunched. Sleep calls!