Tuesday, March 2, 2010

118 Days

Today's the day. Unplanned. Unapproved by doc. But the weather was too good and I'm ready. My first real ride since November 4th 2009. 118 days to be exact, but who's counting?!

I'm a little fatter. Ok a lot. Had to add some air to the rear shock. Oh the shame. I'm a lot slower. A bit unsure of myself. The adage "You never forget, it's just like riding a bike" is true with regard to balancing and unconsciously countersteering against gyroscopic effect. But not true with regards to the legs... which have long forgotten how to pound out hours of pedal pumping power.

Does anyone doubt that core strength is important for cycling? They need to try it with one arm unable to field it's full load. I would NOT want to climb anything bigger than an anthill right now because I can't pull with full force. Until you can't, it's hard to realize how much you push/pull and twist your body between the arm-to-shoulder-to-hips-to-legs.

Not anywhere near 100%. But rehab now includes the bike. That makes me happy.