Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Preparations

Thinking I'll start out riding again on the mountain bike, on the street. In the almost four months since riding, the MTB tires have gone flat. I run tubeless. New Stans are the order of the day.

Ah... the infamous Stans Booger.

New Stans. If there's a product that improves the mountain biking experience more than Stans I don't know what it is.

The maintenance just began. Now it's onto a fork overhaul. Last time I used EnduroSeals...

They work well. My oil is noteable clean this time around. But... I'm going back with stock Fox seals this time. They work well too. Slide a little better, but don't seal as well.

No cartridge service this go it's quick work. A couple of hours, it's all back together and ready to ride.

Then I make some CO2 cannister covers out of old inner tube. Keeps them from clanking in the seat bag. And prevents fingers from freezing to them, too.

Busy day. Got a lot done. Next time... a ride.