Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rehabbing The Base

One of the nice thing about living on the Gulf Coast is year round riding. You get to keep you fitness base. For the injured... the base must be rebuilt.

I'm taking this base period as part of rehab. It's not easy. I quickly bore doing long steady rides. But... this is what I must do right now. Controlling my stratospheric exuberance is my challange. Just as I started wwith only about 20° of movement on the elbow, I must start with really low intensity riding. This injury has improved my patience.

Today's plan is simple. Two hours at my L2 endurance power zone. Oh, and not falling! HAHA! The weather cannot be better. Truly a gift from doG.

I never would have expected it but I get a bit sunburned today. Hmm... My tan has weakened.

No doubt this base periodio is needed. The last 20min take a lot of effort. I return home, tank empty, and nap.

But my day is not yet done. This was on the car when I bought it.

Always hated it. My knuckles hit the turn signal and cruise stalks.

It cramped my knees. Blocked my view of the speedometer, positioned the wheel too far from my body. I could get the seat distance right for my legs or my arms, but never both.

Here's the replacement. Snagged this off of a 1987 MR2 in the junkyard. Despite the fact that my MR2 is an '86, (the differences are very minor), it fits perfectly and is in great shape.

The "new" wheel is just slightly larger in diameter. I presumed it would hit my knees worse than the old one. Nope. Since I sit 'knees high' setting the wheel back gives me a lot more clearance. Heel-and-toe shifting should be way easier now. Huge improvement all way 'round. Now I just need to get rid of that hideous shift knob!