Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Weatherman Lied!

Give the weathercaster the benefit of a doubt, and say he was mistaken, not a liar. Nonetheless, the 10pm forcaster said to expect to be woken by thunder in the morning. Instead, it was bright and sunny. If it rained at all, it was undetectable. This was good news. No trainer! Off to Double Lake I went...

I chose Lake-Lake today because I had anaerobic intervals on the schedule. Since Lake-Lake is so smoooth it's possible to ride flat-out intervals with a rest period. There's nothing techy to take the pace down. This worked out well. The legs are really cooked after today's effort.

Lots of hiccups with hardware today. My rear hub is one step from imploding. It's clunky. Not sure if I can take out the clunk by adjusting the cones or not. My front hub is also clunky, but nearly as bad. The fork stanchions are dry as a bone, leading me to worry about the foam rings. And my cadence sender battery died about halfway through todays ride. Time for a full maintenance day next week.