Friday, January 2, 2009

Triplex of Rides

Year 2009 A.D. began beautifully. My training plan called for a relaxed 3.5-hour endurance ride. This is exactly what I did. Like New Year's Eve, I did it on dirt. And it was glorious!

A check of the weather forecast this morning caused a change in plans. My plan called for anaerobic intervals for today. But... the forecast shows rain tomorrow, monday, tuesday, and possibly more. You gotta ride dirt when you can this time of year, so I spent another 3.5-hour ride on the dirt of Memorial Park. And it was glorious again!

I'll move the interval work to the trainer tomorrow. If I have to be on the trainer, I might as well be suffering! This works OK because Sunday's plan is another endurance ride. That backs up against the intervals OK.