Sunday, August 17, 2008

LA Weekend

Started my Friday and Sunday here. Highland Coffees - one of the best!

No better to start out the day... a rich cup of coffee and time to relax.

I came over to Baton Rouge to visit two old friends. Hmm... I don't mean they are old! Just that we've been friends for a very long time. T'was good to catch up, and enjoy some fun together. Friday/Saturday was a trip to NOLA for a show at the Maple Leaf and some cycling.

It's been a while since I've been back to BR. Some things remain wonderfully unchanged!

But others... well... I was pretty horrified to find this at the North Gates along Nicholson. *click* on the photo to get more pix...


Jane said...

Oh yeah - Highland Coffees - where I first became addicted to coffee.

I don't understand - what's at the Nicholson gates??

Dave said...
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Dave said...
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Dave said...

A big "mixed use" development that's completely out of scale. It just looms over Nicholson and doesn't fit in. They bulldozed two blocks of apartments, houses, and trees to put them in. The condos there are $350k up and deed restricted against renting. In other words, no students allowed. They are marketing them as timeshares for football weekends. Sad.

On the west side of Nicholson they tore down the not-so-nice but very affordable apartments. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic because I had some really, really, good times in some of those torn down apartments. Anyway, not only did they tear down the apartments, but they also cleared out all of the giant oaks that were on the property as well, except the ones by the street. This one is also condo and deed restricted against rentals.

A lot of cheap housing for students just got wiped out and replaced with generic crap like they are building in the Heights.

Did you see these?