Sunday, August 24, 2008

Desperate for Dirt

Five days of rain killed any hope of riding on dirt this weekend. Instead, I rode my new ITL route twice this weekend. *Click* the little pic, for a bigger one. This was better on the north end. The traffic on 43rd is eskeery so I took that part out. This route works pretty well. There's still traffic, but there are also some long stretches to extend the legs. I want to try one more addition, a stretch down Allen Pkwy. That should yield one more long uninterrupted stretch. As it stands this route is exactly 40 miles.

Some sights along the way... At the Memorial Park Nature Center they are teaching a mushroom identification seminar! Hmmm... I wonder if they will teach which ones are the "good" ones! HA!

The new ITL route takes us by the HPD horse stables on N.Post Oak... We stopped to pet them for a moment. Horses are so cool. Second only to dogs.

Hoping for things to dry out. Last week was supposed to focus on dirt riding.