Saturday, May 17, 2008

In The Loop Ride

Today was an endurance pace ride through out Houston. Here's a map of the route...

The route takes me north of downtown. Here is the skyline from the Quitman St. Bridge. That's I45N coming at ya'.

The route goes all the way across downtown. Getting through downtown on an early Saturday isn't too bad. Helps to time the lights right. Went south to Hermann Park.

I've never understood this feature. It's a straight ripoff of the Mall in DC. Complete with a minature Washington Monument. Is it supposed to be? Or is just completely unoriginal?

Anyway, from there, I went back northbound back to downtown and across Allen Parkway.

I ran into a somber scene on Heights. There were people outside of the Art Car Museum adding to the memorial of the recently killed (by drunk driver) curator...

Now that car! That's Art baby! I did the shim-sham-shimmy via 12th Street over to TC Jester and the White Oak Bayou trail...

I went all the way up to 43rd street and headed back east...43rd turns into Crosstimbers which is the home of Flying Saucer Pie Company. The pies from this place are YUM!

After a winding trip down Fulton to Airline it was time to take a break and get a bite to eat at the Spanish Flowers Restaurante'. Yum! Then it was the short two-block trip back home!

Nice route. Don't think it would be too good on a week day, but for a weekend ride, it's perfect.