Friday, May 16, 2008

Back on the Roll

Today's ride was brought to you by the letter A, and good nutrition! No bonks, no problems. No stress, no worries - its FRIDAY. Perfect weather. Keller Williams' "The Best Feeling in the World" randomly popped up on the iPod as I pulled away from the driveway. Appropriate! I took a second to be reflect on how good life can be!

The plan called for a light spinning day. But, I missed the anerobic intervals from yesterday. I did them. T'was good filling the lungs full of air. Some serious huff-and-puff before it was all done. Refreshing and tiring all at the same time. Then I did the speed work planned for today.

Tomorrow morn I'm doing a long endurance ride that goes all over the inner loop. Should be fun!