Thursday, May 22, 2008

Road Junkie

I'm on the road this week in Houma, LA. Before leaving Houston, I installed some bike brackets in the bed of the pickup for holding the bikes. Both were transported snuggly in the back for the trip.

Arriving at the fabrication yard down here both bikes were in the truckbed. I was meeting with my fabrication superintendent, and the crane foreman when someone passed outside the office giving me a suspicious look. He passed two more times, each time with a keener look. Then he passes and says "Psst. Hey, do ya'll know who that tan truck is for outside." Me thinking, I was parked in a bad spot quickly spoke up, "Yeah, its mine..." And the guys says "Tomorrow 5 o'clock we meet at the archdiocese for a group ride." It was a strange vibe. Like how an addict invites someone to an AA meeting. Or a dealer, recognizing a junkie makes an offer of a hit. A "I know you need some of this" invitation.

A unique comraderie felt across complete strangers recognized only by a bicycle stowed in the back of a pickup. I do believe cyclists to be an honorable group - stereotypically.

Eating. Damn the food is good out here. And not very training oriented! I cleaned the local Rouses grocery out of all the Abita Restoration Ale they had on the shelf. AND went back the next day to to see if they restocked. They hadn't. Domage.