Monday, March 17, 2008

The Schedule Shuffle

I've settled into a rthym of Monday's being my day off the bike. But with 90% chance of rain on Tuesday, and a holiday weekend looming, plus a late crosstown meeting scheduled, I decided that Tuesday would be the day this week. Just one more day of riding, right? I was pretty drained from a long endurance ride yesterday. The legs were mushy. I stuck with it, and got some good efforts into a very strong wind (22G37!) . Good stuff, but I'll be looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

I rode the Stumpy because of the threat of sprinkles. After almost two solid weeks on the chi-chi bike the mountain bike felt awefully big, clunky, plush, and slow. But good too.

I fiddled with the seat height and angle a bit. I recently lowered my handle bars as low as I can get them by rearranging the spacers and flipping my stem. I still want a smidge lower, and will probably order a straight bar this week. I like the new positioning, as my weight is better centered. It's opened up my hips as well. I can now more effectively use my glutes and hamstrings for a smoother spin. (One of the issues I'm having climbing on gravel) Overall my posture is just better. But, I'm about at the limits of what the Stumpy can do, with a more-trailbike-than-XC bike geometry.