Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going To The Darkside

Blogs are good for confessions. I've bought a chi-chi bike. An 18-pound, skinny tired, plastic, fragile, roadie bike. There was a lot of indecsion in this purchase. I (still) want a hard-tail mountain bike. I also want a cross bike. But in the end, I figured I get the most use out of a roadie bike.

Yes, I need to de-sticker it! I'm not becoming a roadie. I promise, it's just for training. Although, I may do a few crits between the spring and fall mountain bike seasons.

I'll do a more detailed reveiw when I get more time in the saddle...

Speaking of racing seasons, I updated my spring schedule. TMBRA canceled the Tapitio race. I'd also planned to volunteer/spectate the Ouchita Challange race, but I've got a conflict that weekend. Still going to be a fun season!