Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Late last week it appeared that my flu/caugh was making a break for the lungs! All week I took it easy, ate my Vitamin C, ate some mucous relief pills to keep the lungs clear, and slept - A BUNCH! By Saturday, I was probably 85%. Some amazing homemade chicken soup - THANKS JANE! - it was the death blow to the flu/cold/cough. Like all good food, it was as good for the soul as it was for the pallet. It put me the top.

The ribs felt great, too. Saturday night I celebrated some long missing action from my bed. That's right gentle readers - I was able to roll over onto my side!! TADA!!Not the side that I fell on. But nonetheless, it was the first time in two weeks that I could sleep any position except on my back. I was stoked! I could hardly sleep, anticipating good weather and my first ride in two weeks.

I woke up Sunday to beautiful weather. Ribs-OK. Flu/cold/cough-OK. Ready to Ride. But first I made breakfast. As I was cooking my omlette, I felt a sneeze coming on. I used my sneeze avoidance method. I've got this technique down. Pinch the nose, breathe shallow and verrrry slowly. KABLAMMM! It hit with my nose pinched off! That Hurt! Despite the smoke rising from my pan, I could barely even move for what seemed like an eternity. By time I finished off my breakfast, I was knotted up and hurting too bad to ride. RATS!

Still hurting I had to sleep on my back Sunday night. It was worse Monday. I took a good 10 minutes to get out of bed. Gosh, Monday was a tough day. Achy ribs, discouraged, and I had to fire someone. On the drive home I decided I was going to beat the pain, or it was going to beat me. I put some sag into the fork, jumped on the bike, tender ribs and all, and hit the gas. The softened fork helped. The ribs still hurt. The well rested legs felt amazing! They were urging me on. The pain of breathing deep kept me at a slower pace than I wanted. It still felt sooooo goood to be back! Dare I say theraputic?

I'm not sure where to resume training. Before this interruption I was in the middle of a build period. Can I resume there? Do I need to go back and work some base mileage? I'm just not sure.