Sunday, February 24, 2008

Joyful Sunday!

Eighty-one (81F) today! Beautiful blue skies. Not too bad for February. Topping off things, I'm celebrating an *almost* painless sneeze today! My friend/doctor/financial-advisor/cycling coach EK thought recovery would take "atleast two, likely four, and possibly six weeks." I'm right on schedule for that four week number...

Today's ride was on the Chi-Chi bike. I hit the White Oak Bayou Trail that runs alongside of TC Jester.

I like this path. It's car-free, and great place to open-up the roadie bike.

I rode to the end of the trail just north of 43rd Street. I stopped and watched some of the skaters for a bit on the other side of the bayou. Skateboarding looks so fun.

I rode back south, and then east down either Ella or 34th (I can't remember). I saw these cookie-cutter townhomes...

It struck me that I could have some fun in this neighborhood with a couple of gallons of paint. If you shuffled the colors around, your neighbors wouldn't know which house was their's!

The entire "development" is the SAME house... just one after the other. How boring. It's a shame what the "developers" are doing to this once unique neighborhood. I'll stop before I turn this blog into Swamplot!

After burning up the calories it was time to refuel. On the left is an egg and milk wisked together. On the right is whole wheat flour, sliced almonds, paprika, a pinch of cayanne peper, and salt.

Salmon filets in the milk/egg then the flour/almonds...

Then into a frying pan with a dash of EVOO. The result...

Served up with some lemon-cilantro-jasmine-rice and fresh (from Canino's) broccoli sprinkled with soy sauce.

As I was cleaning up from cooking, I noticed a rapidly growing puddle at the foot of my cabinet! YIKES. I opened the door under the sink and the p-trap was loose. All of the water going through the sink drain into cabinet! Thank doG I hadn't run anything down the garbage disposer! Undoubtedly, I knocked off the p-trap putting away my floor cleaner. First thing was to pull everything from under the sink...

Yup, all of that stuff was once under the sink. It was a great opportunity to throw-away junk and clean up under there. The P-Trap was an easy fix. I'm thankful I can handle stuff like this myself without having to call a plumber!