Thursday, January 17, 2008

Out of R&R Week

I didn't make an entire R&R week. Saturday I went for a pretty long ride up the TC Jester trail that runs along White Oak Bayou. This was the first time I've ridden this path, but it won't be my last. No training goals for this ride... it was R&R week afterall, so I JRA'ed.

Sunday, I got up early to catch Jane running her first marathon. She finished, and congrats to her! I don't know how people have the stamina to do it, but I think it's awesome!

Monday was an outdoor ride, that ended up going 3+hours. It was combined ride of endurance tempo, force, and speed workouts. It felt good to get back in the groove again. I get bored on long endurance tempo rides. But when punctuated with some higher efforts the time just flies by.

Tuesday was an indoor trainer ride - also Wednesday. Trainer, oh trainer... oh how I hate thee! Ok, I don't hate the trainer, but I'd really prefer being outdoors - just not when it's raining and in the 50's. Wednesday was a short ride, because I had other business to attend to.

My training ride was short so I could get to the hospital. My long-time friends Todd & Amanda had their second daughter Reagan on Tuesday. Naturally, she is as cute as can be! Amanda was doing great - impressively great considering the efforts of the day! I even got to hold baby Reagan for a while. I don't think one can contemplate a single problem in world when holding a newborn baby! Is there anything more peaceful?

For me doing the weights thing is just - boring! But it's also necessary. I got in a gym workout Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Tuesday being abs and core muscle groups and Wednesday was arms, back, and shoulders. I've resolved myself to 3X a week for the next 8 weeks and then re-evaluate where I'm at.

I want to make a long ride this weekend. Weather forecast doesn't look good though. At best, it will be cold. Perhaps, its time for me to HTFU and get out in the cold!

Plan on doing some shopping for a roadie bike, too. Yes, I'm giving in...