Thursday, January 10, 2008

Surprise! It's Rest & Recovery Week

The training plan I revised back in November called for one more week of training before an R&R week. Normally, I'd plan 3-weeks of training then 1-week of R&R. But back when I revised the plan, I'd taken an extended break for some bike repairs and to work on the car. I planned 5-weeks straight to "catch-up". This was supposed to be that 5th week. I'm feeling too washed-out. I've moved the R&R week up a week. I need the break, planned or not.

I don't think this 5th week was overtraining, as much as I was in the middle of a break intentional or not. After taking Monday off for the LSU Championship game, then Tuesday off for my birthday, and Wednesday for being too tired after 4 or 5-consecutive nights of insomnia... there was no way I was getting my hours in for the week anyway.

None-the-less, some strong signs of overtraining are present, in addition to feeling fatigued. I haven't had a good nights sleep since last week (insomina). I've noticed a sudden and sharp decrease in my appetite - to the point I've struggled to get my calorie requirements of food down my throat for the past two or three days (loss of appetite). I've been snippy and grumpy, too (irritability).

Last night I crashed out, and I'm feeling much, much better today. Refreshed.