Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis the Season for Unwrapping

Tonight I unwrapped the MR2. Check out the dust under the masking! Hmm...

Here's the problem with dust. When it lands on the wet clear, it makes "nibs". They look like itzy bitzy craters. You can't see them in the pictures, but they are obvious in person. Here's a close up...

Luckily, they can be wet-sanded out. I was hoping not to wet sand, or atleast very minimally. I eneded up with very little orange peel, but too many nibs... so wet-sand and polish I shall!

I've got a big run to fix to on the trunk lid.

A quick comment about the color, here I'm pulling up tape. It's tough to tell where the factory paint ends and new begins. The match is excellent!

I'm glad I took the time to do the door jambs. These were about half red/half yellow before. Now all red!

A big pile of masking paper and tape. This is about half of it.

This was about the best pic I could get in the dark. I still haven't seen the paint in the sunlight. Maybe during the weekend?

Forecasted temps for the weekend are too cold to paint the bumpers.

Think I'll make some beef & veggie stew instead of working in the cold...