Sunday, December 16, 2007

Art Ride

Today's ride is about checking out some outdoor art, and beautiful scenery. Won't you come along?

First up is Bayland Street - probably the most beautiful street in Houston...

Then across I-10 at Taylor Street., and an overlook of White Oak Bayou.

Surprisingly, there were people playing baseball! I don't even want think about getting an aluminum bat zap in this cold!

Then it's down Taylor/Sawyer Street to Memorial, the follow the trail to the Buffalo Bayou Art Park. I'd heard they added some new projects, so I went to check them out.

One of the projects out here are the buried shopping carts... they rise out of the ground on the other side of the trail.

Here's one of the new peices. A lamp shade, by Emily Sloan. Yes, that's me being goofy with the self-timer.

This piece by Marty Joyce is one of my faborites. It's completely made of PVC pipe, and brings new meaning to cubism.

I snapped this on the Blue Sidewalk project. If I read the BBAP brochure right, that's John Runnels' work. I thought it was appropos, as I was listening to Jazz Mandolin Project for my ride today. Not technically bluegrass, but full of mandolin!

I continued onto the Buffalo Bayou Walk. This trail runs along both sides of the bayou; the west side all the way to UH-Downtown. It was really cold in the shade under the underpasses!

This is right next to UH-Downtown. This the Main St. bridge. It's acutally a nice design, complete with archway. I've been OVER it, and it's nothing special from above. But nicer than the regular pier and bent concrete bridge from below...

And here's the bridge that crosses over the Bayou connecting the east and west sides of the Bayou. I crossed over, rode the other side and turned around to head home.

This isn't art, unless you are a disc golfer! I was really wishing I had my disc's with me... Need to get out here more often...

To the right of this picture is Memorial. To the left is Memorial Way. The sidewalk is on the neutral ground in between. Nice oaks that make a mini-Bayland St!

One last piece of art... this is located in front of an otherwise unremarkable office building off of Sawyer St. I rode around the circular sidewalk around this peice several times. What's neat is that it changes shape as you ride around. Reminds me of a mobius strip.

Finally, back to the house to warm up!