Sunday, December 9, 2007


Today started with a quick sanding of the "last chance" primer.

Tools for today... sanding sponge and 400-grit paper. The purpose here isn't to do any leveling. That should already be done. Today is just put down a smooth, scratch-free surface for the base coat. It went really fast, about only an hour.

But before I could spray, I cleaned all the primer residue out of the paint gun. K36 is great stuff. But is sure is hard to clean!

The I shot the base coat and almost hung up my gun! The base coat looked crappy. I was very disheartened. Let just say a more than a few swear words were shouted into the gas mask!

What to do? Start over? Bring it to someone to finish? YIKES! I decided to take a chance and put clear on one panel, then see how it went. Well, I put the clear on, and it was like someone turned on a switch! It looked great!!! On went four coats of clear. two runs, and lots of dust nibs... I'll know more tomorrow when I see it in the daylight... But for now here it is!


Jane said...

That looks so freakin' good!