Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Last night's ride was supposed to go like this 1-hr E2 (Zone 2-Endurance), 1-hr M1 (Zone 3-Muscular Endurance), 1-hr S1 (Speed workout), and finally 30-min E2 (Zone 2-Endurance). But things didn't quite go that way! First, it was cold. Then about one hour in, I needed to pee really bad. However, I knew if I stopped and went into a nice warm indoor situation I'd not want to leave. I also tend to cramp up when going warm-to-cold conditions. I thought about peeing outside, but peeing in public has never been high on my list. I don't even have uramicitisis (Seinfeld reference). I endeavored on and completed the E2 and M1 workouts. I did exactly one spin-up on the S1 program and my left leg seized up. It wasn't going to happen. I cut the ride short and headed home feeling a bit disappointed and defeated by the cold.

I need to acclimate. I know it can be done. People ride in much colder weather. I'm wondering how much of my difficulty is mental and how much is physical... Certainly I can there is a difference in physiological response in the colder environment. I've noticed if I stop, for instance, that getting moving again is very difficult. I don't have that problem in warmer temps. I'm also wondering if you expend more calories in the cold maintaining body temperature? Some quality time with Google may be in order.

While perusing Handlebar Sandwich I ran across this: TeamBaconStrip. Fellow baconeer's enjoy!