Saturday, November 17, 2007

From This...

To This...

Been a long time coming - the MR2 now has 2 coats of DPLF epoxy primer! I've put a lot of time and effort upto this point. Tonight was the first time on this entire project that the car looks better on completion, rather than worse!

Everything went completely smooth today. Painting really is the easy part! I imagined the paint going on something like spray paint, from a can. No. It's completely different. Completely better! Between the better quality of paint and an adjustable gun, the painting process is much more controlled. I ended up with only one small run... not too bad.

I can't say enough about the gun I'm using. It's a Devilbiss GTi Millenium. I'm shocked at the lack of overspray. Parts that I expected to gather tons of overspray, just didn't get touched by the paint. I don't think I even needed to cover the garage floor! The atomization really is great, too. But beware, it's the gun is an air hog.

I intentionally did not take great efforts to control the dust on this layer. I wanted to see just what I could get away with. The answer - very little. There were a lot of dust nibs and several doggy hairs! I'm going to have to do a much better job of keeping dust out of the paint bubble - especially for the clear coat...

As with all primer, every single defect now shows! This is a good thing, because the time to take care of them is now. After the color coat goes on, its too late. There's still a lot to do, including some more sanding of the filler I'm going to slather on tomorrow.

Oh what a fun day!