Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Ready To Shoot My Car

Wednesday night was spend hitting all the little detail areas. For example engine louvers. Since the MR2 is a mid-engine car, cooling the engine compartment is a challange. The wise Toyota engineers provided these louvers on the engine cover to allow air to flow through...

Luck for them, they didn't have to paint them! I also stripped down the quarter panel. I knew there was a repair made on this panel. After seeing the handiwork on the paint, I wasn't sure what I'd find under the filler. So, I buzzed it off with the grinder. It was actually an excellent repair. Oops.

Tonight, me and my buddy Mason taped and masked the car. I estimated this would take about 2 hours. Wrong. It took all evening! Masking is kinda like wrapping a Christmas gift.

Let's just say you don't me and Mason wrapping any presents!

I had hoped to get the epoxy primer on tonight. That was the goal. But the masking just took too long. This is the third night in a row of working until almost midnight. Now isn't the time to lay down paint. I'm absolutely exhausted.

The weather forecast is calling for a good chance of rain for Saturday and Sunday. This may cause me some grief. I'll have to dance around the weather and shuffle my schedule around it.