Monday, November 19, 2007

Filling Day.

Wheeled the car out after the rains stopped today.

Today's task: fill the deep defects, dents, etc on the body.

Uh-oh, the car's spotted again!

It's not snowing in that pic, that's just the dust flying around! Here's the back corner, re-repaired. It was tricky to work the curves of the body, while taking out the dents and waves of the panel. But with some patience I got it down.

Because of the numerous bare metal spots, it was time to re-shoot DPLF primer on the bare spots.

I learned a couple of things since my first priming shoot last night. I have two hoses attached to me when spraying. One hose for breathing air, and a seond for the paint gun. Getting hoses on wet paint is a big no-no. Let me tell ya' the person that invents the cordless paint gun will be very wealthy!

Dragging two hoses around is unwieldy. They get tangled, kinked, and hung up. So I taped them together so they get dragged around together, and no more tangles! It's just like a diver's hose now.

I also wear disposable "booties". They work great at keeping overspray off the feet or shoes. But for some reason, there is a bunch of excess on the "heel". I nearly tripped about five times last night by stepping on this "heel" flapping around. So tonight I folded it over and taped it.

These wheel covers RAWK. Because the car gets wheeled into/out of the paint bubble, masking the wheels is impractical. These covers have a spring wire and they just snap over the wheels. Presto! No masking.

I re-shot the car, and the results were pretty good. Here's that back corner again...

The process of actually spraying the car goes really quickly! As you can see I'm happy with the results! Next up: K36 Sandable Primer.