Sunday, July 22, 2007

Daily Double

Went riding twice today! The morning ride was testing. First was a two mile bench mark time trial. After warming up, it's two miles AFAFP. I spent about 20 minutes recovering... then I did a anaerobic threshold (AT) test as described here.

What did I find out? Two things. I think my maximum heart rate (MHR) is about 182. That's not too far of my theoreticaly MHR of 186 (220-age). I may have had a bit more left, but if I did it wasn't much. Factoring in the 90° heat I'm sure doesn't help. My aerobic threshold looked to be about 160-165. It's tough to run the test accurately. But, that's what I came up with.

This afternoon I went for a second ride. This started out as a JRA. But I decided to concentrate on breathing better. I focused on pushing hard on exhaling and simply allowing air to refill my lungs. This technique works! It seems like I didn't struggle as much. I also decided to try out that 160 BPM aerobic threshold rate and tried to ride at that heart rate consistantly. I quickly found out, I can ride at that level of effort all day. Then I kicked it up a notch... At 165 I'm just on the brink. but I can maintain. At 170 I can maintain for a while, but I can't maintain it for more than 2 or 3 minutes (if that). Looks to me like my AT is 165 BPM.

I took a moment to snap this picture under the Heights Blvd. overpass.

That picture was taken under the watchful eye of a local homeless guy. I see this guy all the time by the side of the road around this area. He never has a sign. He never asks for money. He just chills out with this dog. I think he's a hobo and not a bum... there is a difference.

Anyway, after my ride, I decided it was time for some dinner. So I made two Pita Pizzas using a metric butt ton of veggies. I wrote up instructions for those a while back. They were good.

Wrapped up my day planning what to eat next week, then going to the grocery store to buy it. Stay tuned, I'll be posting some good eats.