Monday, July 23, 2007

In Recovery

I pedal away from the house.
My legs feel like goo.
Heavy, sore, sluggish, slow.

Good thing today is a recovery ride.
No reason to push hard.
Just ride along, ride along.

What is this I feel?
A loseness in my legs?
A freedom of motion?

Instinctively my legs speed up.
Push a little harder.
And off I go.

So much for recovery.
Because this feels good.
Too good to slow down.

Time for reward.
If I can't have a recovery ride.
I'll have a recovery beer.


pinkgurugal said...

i soooo sympathize!

btw why did you delete your comments? :)

Dave said...

Alcoholics go to recover to stop drinking. We drink to recover, eh? Here's to a healthy lifestyle! Sluuurrrp.

Oh, I couldn't get the link to show up right, so I nixed comment...