Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Blood Bath Under My Arm

Attempted to give blood today. I say attempted, because I wasn't successful. Things started out well enough. I went through the questionnaire, etc... The gal put the needle in, and it didn't even hurt. Well ok, but it wasn't a big deal. So I relaxed and looked out the window... then the gal checked on me and said "Oh, you are going slow..." then she started messing with the needle. She move it once, no big deal - she checked the bag, moved it again... OOOWWWWEEEEE... it hurt the the dickens!!!

I knew immediately, this wasn't normal. She called the other guy over, and he just kinda looked at it... she pulled the needle out, and I looked down to see a huge knot forming... uh oh. They put a bandage on it and gave me an ice pack for it. They must have asked me 50 times if I was ok. I was fine! I could tell the gal that stuck me felt really bad. No big deal, just a bit of pain, and I certainly wasn't angry at her. She was competent, and sometimes things happen... Here's the result...

I've got one sore elbow! The bruise is actually more dramatic in person. It's puffy and blood was oozing through my skin pores. Lovely. I'm having a hard time straightening out my elbow. I think some of the blood may have run into the joint... This one's going to keep me off the bike for a day or maybe two... Luckily, I planned on that anyway for the blood donation.