Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday breakfast is one way I pamper myself. Today, I made some hashbrowns, an omlet stuffed with salsa, sour cream, and jalepenos. For the side, some bacon was made. Finish with a glass of cold milk, a cup of Jamican coffee. The final element - some good jazz music... ahh... decadence at its best!

Some details of the hashbrowns...

I use these hashbrowns from the grocery store. Unfortunately I've only found them at Kroger. The are NOT frozen, which in my opinion makes them taste better. I can't stand the taste of frozen potatos. I brown the hashed potatoes in a touch of olive oil. ......
I season them with a cajun seasoning
that I buy from a small place called the Best Stop in Ossen, Louisiana. The seasoning is the real key to my hashbrowns. It is not hot! So, a pinch of cayanne completes the flavoring.