Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back To Training

My previous job has been slammed with workload for the last two years. In 2006, we had damn good reason - we had to rebuild offshore oil platforms that were damanged and lost to Hurricane Katrina. It was an exceptional time. But I think I spoiled my boss, as the demands on my time kept up for 2007.

As with so much in life, it's easy to find excuses not to do something. Working 60-hour weeks provides a convient excuse to do little more than work. That simply isn't healthy - physically, mentally, or emotionally. It's a death sentance for relationships with loved ones. Worse yet, I tend to be self-neglecting when the excuse to do so exists. I know from experience the havoc and hurt my neglect causes to myself and loved ones. Though no one around me said it, my soul was screaming "you need a change!"

So, I made that job, my former job.

For me bike and car racing have been "vehicles" for self-exploration. I'm glad to be back to it. I'm still not entirely sure who I am. And I'm surely not done growing yet!